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How much should a personal trainer charge


Personal trainers are usually worth the money because they teach you everything you need to know, they show you how to exercise in order to obtain the desired results a lot faster. Without them, you could be wasting money endlessly on gym memberships and time trying to reach your fitness goals. All efforts could be in vain if no one has showed you how to exercise correctly or what tricks to employ with your specific body type.

Training with a personal trainer

You get expert advice and train only with your own personal trainer that you hired, perhaps with one or two friends you may want to bring along. These private sessions get you the trainer’s undivided attention and mean 100% rewarding effort.

Because of all the advantages involved and the one-on-one work, the costs of hiring a personal trainer tent to be a bit steep. However, this is worth it in the long run, because you are getting so much from the trainer in such a short time. Out there, you will find many different prices. It’s time to understand what they mean. At times, what influences them may even be beyond the control of the actual trainer. Get informed and choose wisely.

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Costs of personal trainers

The usual hourly rate for a personal training session stands between $60 and $70. This is price commonly seen amount well-seasoned specialists working for reputable gym centers. The costs go a lot higher with trainers who had celebrities as clients and have a remarkable resume. It is more about the fame though.

Experience is also a factor that influences the hourly training costs with a personal instructor. The newer ones, of course, will want to convince people of their skills and expertize and so they will lower the costs to $25, let’s say. This is a very good price for a session. However, don’t judge a trainer by what they charge. The prices depend very much on the location. Small towns have lower costs, while big cities and especially gym chains with a reputation will allow the trainers to charge more.

Would you like the professional to come to your home or to a location of your choice? Such requirement will surely affect the costs. It’s more expensive to opt for this kind of sessions. There is also the option of online personal training services. These cost only a fraction of the price but the benefits are different. They will mostly give you tips on diets and personalize your regimen. You may discuss with them about any condition you may have, acute or chronic. You will not get the full benefit of working with the trainer and getting all the necessary corrections.

Hire the right trainer and build a great body

Whatever you may choose, make sure to ask questions first. You need to know whether they can handle your fitness goals or not. You need a trainer with a valid certification and hopefully with some notable experience. Then, you must discuss about your body type, its specific needs as well as any conditions you may have.

Become a certified personal trainer.

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