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How To Avoid Overeating During The Festive Period


Everyone is tempted to overeat during the winter holidays. There are so many occasions for this and so many inviting dishes to sample. Unfortunately, these are of the not-so-healthy type and completely ruin your slimming and toning efforts. You need to have smart tactics to get through the festive season without the expected silhouette damage.

Avoid the negative triggers

You may not have a festive mood, but the exterior world keeps on telling you to be joyful. In response to that, you may have an attempt at filling the void by eating. It is true, these negative feelings can lead to binge eating. They are called emotional triggers. You may counter that effect by planning ahead. Don’t just expect to be happy by default. You can plan out some pleasurable activities so that you don’t resort to food as a reward.

Have some healthy foods at hand

During visits, at parties etc., plenty of unhealthy, fattening food is available. It’s all for free and people are actually begging you to taste it. What can you do? The secret is to either bring some different food with you (which helps curb your hunger) or to eat healthy before you leave the house. Have some healthy food to keep you full, so that you no longer feel tempted to eat anything you find on a festive plate.

Keep the alcohol consumption in check

Alcohol consumption definitely increases during the festive season. The problem is, alcohol will get you thirsty and is also fattening in itself. Another issue is that thirst feels like hunger at times. Therefore, you will feel more drawn to food and also consider that your stomach may need to be filled, since you’re having alcohol anyway. Refrain from having too many drinks and also remember to have plenty of water, too.

Eat slowly

This will actually come easily. When you meet family and friends, stay engaged in conversation. This will prevent you from eating too much, too quickly. The brain needs some time to end your hunger; therefore, give it some time and you will have eaten a lot less.

Use water

When you’re going to have loads of food around, you can start with a big glass of water. This will make you feel fuller much sooner. Do this right before you need to eat. You may consider having fruits as well – these are filling and have few calories.

Keep moving

Holidays inspire people to be lazy, but that won’t help you maintain a good weight. You don’t have to keep going to the gym though. Replace that with plenty of energetic dancing or with long walks. The snow or the Christmas lights in the city could be reasons good enough to just walk to wherever you may need to be. Forget about the car or the public transport. After all, the pace of the festive season is a different one.

It is perfectly possible to keep your weight in check, without canceling Christmas or New Year’s Eve. You can still have all the fun in the world and enjoy these moments with your dear ones, without going out of shape.

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