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How to Breathe Properly When Bench Pressing


If you are breathing wrong when doing your exercises, you could be compromising with your results. You must pay attention to your breathing; this isn’t just for yoga classes. After all, this is what brings oxygen to your muscles and you want the right amount at the right time.

Know proper breathing technique for different exercises

Whether it’s about bench pressing, deadlifts and pressing and so on, inhalation must happen during the concentric part of the exercise. Then, exhale during the eccentric phase. In a barbell bench press, you would inhale before the bar is lowered down to the chest. Exhale as you push that weight away from yourself.

Bench press and breathing

Bench presses are so common in gyms but you rarely see one performing correctly. Once you’ve achieved the proper position on the bench, have a normal or moderate grip on the bar. Engage your whole body in the movement. Good breathing will help you stay stable during the exercise. Take a big breath before you lower the bar and hold it in. Your body will be tense as the bar comes down. Slowly exhale through your mouth as you lift the bar up. The more experienced lifters can hold their breath for as long as several reps. Don’t open your mouth too much as you exhale. Just do it lightly.

Breathing helps you stay stable during exercise

Stability during exercise is important and is achieved through correct breathing. Inhale before any big move. Also, brace your abdominal muscles to create stability and don’t let the air come out. By bracing you may feel tempted to exhale, but do your best to avoid that. Keep the air inside. All these tips will ensure that you reap all the benefits of this exercise.

It’s shocking that breathing is overlooked so often, when in fact it has such an impact. Note that the recommendations above are only for the exercised mentioned. The strategy will change with other types. Good bench press breathing will instantly give you more power and endurance. The harder you go, the more important this becomes.

Breathing during deadlifts

Deadlifts call for a different technique. Hold your breath when you start the lift. When the bar reaches your knees area or goes beyond, that is when you can start exhaling. Maintain core stability, as this is essential. Hold your breath until the bar is lifted up sufficiently. As you get to the top, you may take a quick breath and finally lower the weights.

Proper breathing through inhaling and exhaling at the right times will benefit you in numerous ways – for example you will decrease the recovery time between two sets. When breathing improperly, you may get to feel light headed and your muscles will not function at full capacity.

Breathe correctly and reap the best benefits of your exercise

High intensity exercise leads to rapid breathing that leads in turn to hyperventilation. To recover properly afterwards, you must choose to the deeper kind of breathing: from your belly. This will counteract your superficial breathing and enhance your relaxation and recovery. Focus on your stomach and your diaphragm muscle. Breathing correctly is also important post-exercise, as it promotes relaxation and healing. This will help tight muscles relax. Clever breathing techniques are always essential to lifting.

I recommend you to read “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding The Bible of Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger for more weight training secrets.

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