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How to Build Massive Boulder Shoulders


Massive shoulders complement the upper body. The nature of the shoulder joint limits the amount of weight that can be used to perform exercises. Regardless, the muscles respond very well to moderately heavy weights. All the three deltoids- front, side and back- need to be exercised separately for that rounded shoulder look.

A set of strong shoulders gives an emphasis to the biceps as well. That line of separation that forms between the deltoids and the biceps and triceps is very aesthetic, and helps highlight each of the muscle groups. It’s important to master proper form to forestall injury. After all, this is a rotator joint and any careless movement can destabilize the shoulder and lock you out of the weight room entirely.

Shoulder Exercises

There is an array of shoulder exercises that can be used to form some boulder shoulders. Some, as always, are more effective than others. The top three that offer the best development are:

Standing Overhead Press


The great thing with this exercise is that it helps you develop your core’s stability. Uninitiated lifters are better performing the seated variation of the movement as it is less demanding on the core. That said, the standing overhead press recruits the side and front deltoids. A loaded barbell provides the challenge. The movement is executed by lowering the weight to the front shoulder level and lifting it back up. Knees should remain slightly bent at all times. For greater stability, you can place one foot in front of the other.

Upright Barbell Rows


This challenging exercise also works the traps. The loaded barbell starts off resting on the thighs, with the elbows slightly bent and the back straight. The bar is then lifted until it touches the chin, all the while keeping it close to the body. The elbows should drive the motion and should be higher than the forearms.

Hang Clean and Press


This isn’t particularly a mass building exercise, but it is an effective one nonetheless. It hits the entire body to some degree, but emphasizes the upper traps the most. It is a dangerous exercise for beginners owing to the high injury risk. The movement basically involves explosively moving a loaded barbell from your thighs to your shoulders and then to your overhead. The hang clean activates the fast twitch muscle fibers and enables you increase your strength.

These three exercises should be a staple in your weekly shoulder day. Results will not be hard to see after the first few weeks.

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