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How To Choose A Gym


Are you stressing over which gym to join? Here are the aspects to consider before making a decision. It is no fixed list, though. Each person comes with their own fitness goals, workout style and preferences, and thus some factors may weight more than others.

What will your fitness program look like?

Going to the gym is efficient when you are committed to it. You have to ask yourself the question above first. Once you decided you want to commit to a training routine, how will your schedule be? Will you be able to accommodate workouts in the afternoon or evening? Perhaps at night or in the morning? Some people happen to have unusual schedules and thus the best gyms for them are those which stay open 24/7.

The costs – Make comparisons

Of course the price matters, especially as you’re going to need a long-term membership if you are serious about your training goals. You will be paying a monthly fee, month by month. Make sure this doesn’t include useless features that make no difference in your training. Keep the costs down by sticking to exactly what you need. Also, it can be good to wait for the peak times, such as early autumn or January. This is when people are more prone to starting a gym routine and gyms offer discounted rates.

The long-term membership trap

Some gyms will try to make their clients sign up for a long-term membership. Although you must commit to fitness training, you don’t have to be loyal to the same facility, especially not when it’s not exactly pleasing you. Start with a short-term membership until you know it’s exactly what you want.

The members’ profile

Gyms don’t always cater to all types of people. Some are made for women and their particular needs (slimming down, toning the musculature), while others are suitable to men who want to commit to bodybuilding and are apt for intensive training. There are even special gyms for seniors. Identify your needs and match them with the right kind of gym.

The Equipment

The best way to find out about this is to call the gyms that caught your attention. Or, you may simply visit it and see for yourself. There should be cardio equipment (stationery bikes, treadmills), weight machines and dumbbells at least. Make sure there is a stretch area, too.

Other factors

There’s more to gym facilities and one should consider the following factors, too:

  • Hygiene/cleanliness
  • Type of bathroom/showers
  • Maintenance
  • Accessibility
  • Privileges

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Finally, you may want to have a personal trainer to track your progress, inspire you and challenge you every time you need to grow. Not all gyms have personal trainers available. You must check this option, if it matters to you.

People don’t always find the best gym from the start. Trial and error is only natural. Don’t worry, go to the next one on the list or refine your search criteria to land a better option next time. You might even find out as you go what really suits you.

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