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How to Develop Thick Lats and Back


He is a wise bodybuilder if he who works out muscles he cannot see. As you start weight training, you become biased, choosing to work the muscles you can see in the mirror. The chest and biceps get all the attention, leaving out the back and legs entirely. However, as you press on, you start to realize the importance of hitting all muscle groups.

The back is one of the most important body parts. It supports your core, and reinforces your spine, giving you an improved natural posture. A wide back also gives an illusion of a wide physique, more so if the lats are well developed. It also highlights that V-taper which automatically increases your physical attractiveness.

Adding Width and Thickness

Given how abundant the muscles of the back are, they need to be continuously challenged with sufficiently heavy weight to grow. The exercises that recruit many muscle groups are the most ideal. Isolated exercises have their place too, but unless you work out six days a week, its best to lend all your effort to heavy compound exercises, starting with:

The Deadlift


This is the exercise that separates the boys from the men. It is one of the most demanding exercises and also one of the most rewarding when it comes to strengthening your mid and lower back. Proper form is critical when executing the exercise to forestall any back injury risk. You can use any kind of grip, but the alternate grip is the most comfortable for beginners.

Bent over Row


The bent over row is great for the lats. The secret to executing the exercise correctly is to keep your back arched at all times. Only your arms should be in motion. You can reverse your grip halfway through your sets to get the most of the exercise.

Weighted Chin-Ups


Chin-ups are one of the best measures of physical strength. The routine recruits a lot of muscle groups, and helps you judge your fitness level. Gradually add weights when the challenge becomes easier and insist on going all the way up every time.

Lats Pulldown


Lats Pulldown helps you separate the muscles in your upper back quite effectively. They are great because you have better control over the amounts of weight you move. Using both close grip and wide grip movements will help you hit all the upper/mid back muscles sufficiently.

With these exercises, the width of your back will increase dramatically, and give you the kind of wings that are worth showing off.

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