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How to do Dips with Chains


1. Find a Weight Lifting Chain.

2. You can either load it on your neck or using a belt.

3. The belt if you can afford, I find that you could load more weight compared to loading it on the neck, plus it’s more comfortable. For this demo I load it on my neck.

4. Control the movement. Dip more forward to work on your chest, while dipping more in upright position targets your tricep.

5. I like to squeeze my muscle at the top of the movement, however I don’t lock-out the elbow.

6. Always constant tension on the muscles, never the joints.

7. This is a mass builder, you gotta try this.

8. This exercise does get a bad rep for injuring joints and connective tissue. This is due to people performing the exercise with horrible form such as dipping past 90 degrees, and shoulder scapula not retracted back.

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