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How to do One Arm Barbell Row


1. Rest the barbell against a corner.

2. Bend forward, knees bent as if you’re deadlifting.

3. Grab the bar end on the plate side.

4. Have a good stretch on the pulling side, use the lats to pull the weighted barbell up until the plates touches your chest.

5. Squeeze and hold at the top of the movement.

6. Let it down for a full stretch again.

7. This is a controlled rowing action, try not to use momentum.

8. Don’t let the plates touch the floor.

9. Also use a strap if you’re lifting heavy to isolate the lats more, rather than your grip.

10. Switch arms for the other side.

11. This exercise works mainly on your middle back plus other secondary muscles such as your biceps, lats, lower back, and traps.

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