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How To Eat Healthy At Subway, The Worst & Best Sandwiches


The Subway sandwiches have taken over the planet and for a good reason, too. They’re tasty and just so convenient to have. Although the stores of the chain provide customers with the needed nutritional information, this isn’t always as relevant as it’s supposed to be. This post will offer you some tips on picking or creating a healthier sandwich, whether you buy your Subway sandwiches as they are or you customize them.

Keeping calorie count down?

Did you know that the average Subway meal actually scores between 700 and 1000 calories? That’s very close to McDonald’s. If you’re looking for less calories in a sandwich, your best bets are the following;

  • Veggie Delight Mini Sub, with only 150 calories
  • Black Forest Ham, also a Mini Sub, same count
  • Turkey Breast Mini Sub – 180 calories
  • Roast Beef Mini Sub, scoring 200 calories
  • Monterey Chicken
  • Tuna Sub

On the other side you have the high-calorie Meatball Marinara, Turkey Italiano Melt, the Spicy Italian, Chipotle Chicken Melt with Guacamole and Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, all in the 6” category.

As a tip, choose sandwiches with white bread, as this has less calories in it. That’s not an exclusive criterion though because it’s all the other ingredients that will make a difference. If you’re eating these sandwiches frequently though, the white bread may get you fat. Turn then to whole grain breads.

Tuna sandwiches may sound like a good choice, especially since tuna is high in protein and low in fat, but Subway adds a lot of mayo in it, which makes the calorie count soar. Be careful about all meats though; these have the highest sodium content.

Low-calorie dressings

If the dressing is your thing, you must choose it wisely. At Subway, your lowest calorie options are mustard, deli-mustard, vinegar and even oil. The latter is so sparingly used anyway, it’s hard to tell it’s there.

The best meat choices

Bodybuilders are advised to consume meat that’s low in fat but high in protein content. Thus, the best options are tuna, turkey and chicken. Ham is also similar to these and has an almost equal number of calories. Make sure your sandwich doesn’t contain a fat-rich kind of cheese or a dressing that will add loads of fat to your meal. In fact, any kind of cheese at subway isn’t exactly healthy or beneficial to your fitness goals.

How about the veggies?

Vegetables are not all the same when it comes to calories or nutrition. Lettuce, cucumber and pepper should be your priorities when eating healthy. These will also feel very refreshing in a sandwich.

A simple turkey sandwich, without the cheese and sauce, or simplified variations of the Italian specialties on the menu will provide you with the nutrition you need, without the fat and extra calories. For healthy fats, you always have the avocado option – use it wisely. Ultimately, you must not forget to pay attention to the size of the sandwiches you order.

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