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How to get BIG Biceps


Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert but I’m trying to share my personal experience that has shaped my biceps from skinny lean to 15.75 inches, cold measured.

Nothing quite says you are passionate about bodybuilding like having big biceps. This muscle group is unarguably one of the most revered and it has been so since bodybuilding first became a thing. Curling your biceps and seeing that peak formation is subliminally rewarding and validates all the effort put in the weight room.

Getting Big Biceps

Developing enviable biceps is not an exact science. In addition to the many upper body building exercises that recruit them, such as the bench press and bent over row, there are many isolation exercises that can be used to target them. Not all exercises were built equal, implying that some are more effective than others.

The four that should not miss from your routine include:

Barbell Curl


The barbell curl is a favorite among weight trainers simply because it is effective. The weight used should be high enough to challenge the biceps, but not so high that you cannot execute the movement properly. Only your forearms are supposed to move, otherwise, you will be cheating. The biceps should be squeezed hard when the weight is at shoulder level and then lowered slowly without letting gravity do any of the work.

Dumbbell Curl


This particular movement can be executed in a couple of ways. Alternating dumbbell curl is the most popular variant, but the incline dumbbell curl is just as effective. As previously asserted, it is only the forearms that should be in motion. The movement should be slow and controlled. Varying the exercise with hammer curls will help you hit the muscle sufficiently.

Concentration Curl


This movement is more challenging, more so because it isolates the bicep completely. Executing the exercise in such a way that you twist the dumbbell when it is at shoulder level will help you get a better peak formation. Your elbow should rest on top of your inner thigh. The key to this movement is to ensure that you avoid any swinging motion.

Preacher Curl

Improvised preacher curl using hyperextension equipment

The other very essential biceps exercise is the preacher curl. It also aids in peak formation more so if executed correctly. The biceps should be fully stretched when the weight is lowered and fully contracted when the bar is brought back to shoulder height.

With these four movements, you should be able to develop some shirt-hugging biceps. Even if your whole routine is based on compound movements, you should dedicate at least one or two days doing isolation work. Otherwise, your biceps, and by extension your arms, won’t grow as big as they could.

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