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How To Get Bigger Upper Chest


A strong chest is associated with strength and masculinity. A chest that pops out is the result of routine bench pressing. The pectorals are wide and long, and a simple flat bench press will not develop all of it. The upper part is often ignored by uninitiated lifters and the result is a droopy-looking chest. This does not have to be your fate if you embrace the idea of hitting your upper chest on chest day.

When your upper pectorals are developed, the line on the sternum that separates the left and right pecs will appear more dramatic. Admittedly, it is more difficult to work out this upper part. But if you embrace the challenge, you will be happy that you did once the results start showing.

Upper Pec Exercises

The bench press can be used to develop the upper pecs by simply adjusting the inclination of the bench. When you set the bench on a 45 degree incline, you will have set the stage for:

Incline Bench Press


Sometimes you don’t have to adjust the bench at all as dedicated incline benches are available in most, if not all gyms. This movement is executed in the familiar way. The only difference is that most of the work will be felt in your upper pecs. Lowering the weight to pec level is vital in recruiting all the upper pec muscles. You should not lift your back at any point to lift the weight as that counts as cheating.

Reverse Grip Bench Press


Reversing the grip on your flat bench press will enable you hit the upper pecs as well. There will be greater bicep involvement in this, but your upper chest will do most of the work. Three sets of between 8-12 reps will sufficiently challenge the muscles. It’s recommended that you have a spotter when your plan is to go heavy.

Incline Dumbbell Press


The incline dumbbell press cannot be left out because it lets you stretch your pecs much further. Your get a greater degree of movement is when you are lowering the weight and this recruits more muscle fibres. Each pectoral performs isolated work without help from the other, and this enables you create a more balanced chest.

These three exercises should become a part of your chest day. After a couple of weeks of heavy lifting, the development on your upper pecs will be apparent. Your overall chest will appear bigger as a result.

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