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How to get my OBike refund?


This is not a fitness related post, well kinda is but read on.

If you are one of the affected OBike SG users like me who had paid for a deposit or its VIP membership, then we are in the same boat buddy.

I myself am not sure how and if we will even get our refund, as the OBike SG app refund feature now has discontinued, and no other means of such refund procedure are available online provided by OBike SG.

The only resource that we have now championed this cause are the media, and the reports are not looking good as OBike SG is now facing liquidation, and refunds to its previous customer from what I read is the least of its priorities.

Damn cheebye right! $49, $19 or $10 might be small change to these scammers, and collectively if all the small subscription amount duped from its user was added up, I’m sure it’s tallied into the millions.

Initially, I would just let this go but then again I thought if I don’t at least be proactive in getting my refund back, we are letting them get away with a crime. Thus this posting on my blog.

Steps to get my OBike refund?

1. I’m glad there’s such a Get deposit refund from oBike Singapore petition. I recommend you sign that first.

2. Then head on over to https://www.obikedepositholders.com/ to lodge your official refund with the company liquidating OBike SG, FTI Consulting. I took about 30 minutes to complete the form, as I had to log into my bank and telco portal for the invoice as attached supporting document.

They use Google online form which is really dodgy. I was really hesitant to submit but it’s the only avenue now to officially get my refund back.

I just hope the personal information is not misused and sold to a third party, that’s my only fear now. Oh well …. clicks submit button…. and hopes for the best.

After the form was sent, I was brought to this Terms and Conditions

Overall I had no issues OBike SG, it was a great mode of transport, cheap, helped in my cardio sessions, and easy to use but then shit hit the fan over their refund policy.

I still has 1000+ days left of paid membership before Obike SG before went bust

Lesson learned here for me personally, do not pay for long-term payment usage when it comes to bicycle sharing services. Companies come and goes.

Do leave a comment or contact me if you’ve more news or updates on this.


“Approximately S$8,912,903.24 is collectively owed to deposit owners. It’s estimated that amount is owed to 220,457 deposit owners, though only 6,286 deposit holders have come forward with their claims as of July 22. Trade and general creditors (e.g. town councils and employees) are also owed claims of S$497,761.81. To date, the said creditors have lodged claims amounting to S$373,729.28 – Source

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