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How to Get That Old-School Bodybuilding Small Waist Look


The professional bodybuilders of today are mass monsters. Achieving that gigantic physique seems to be the new ideal that they strive towards. While we do admire the efforts that such kind of an achievement demands, it is a digression from what the bodybuilders of old perceived as ideal. Bigger is not always better- just ask Frank Zane.

New age bodybuilders have lost something that their predecessors venerated- aesthetics. Back when the sport started receiving a global audience, the goal was not only to bring the biggest physique on stage. They wanted it to have some aesthetic appeal. Today the big waist, distended midsection (abs notwithstanding) and thick muscles are all the rage.

Thankfully, you do not have to subscribe to this new Olympia ideal. The fact remains that the X-shaped physique – a barrel chest, small waist and defined quads- is still the most attractive physique.

Getting There

You can still get that awe-inspiring V-taper without the extended gut. From the get-go though, you have to strive towards keeping your waist small. When you consistently lift heavy weights, a thick waist becomes inconsequential. It’s simply the body’s way of adapting to the challenge. But if your volume is regulated to align with the goal of maintaining a small waist circumference, you will be on the right path.

Your diet has to be tweaked accordingly. The calories taken in should match those required for muscle maintenance and growth. An unregulated surplus might fuel size, but with a bigger midsection as a consequence. If you must bulk, take the clean approach.

Abdominal exercises have to feature in your weekly routine. Remember to target your obliques as well. Your gut should not be distended when doing the exercises. This will discourage the fascia from distending, and this will consequently avert the possibility of a gut that extends out.

Bent over row

Growing your lats will help your V-taper appear more dramatic. Routines that serve this end are abundant. Bent over rows are especially helpful. Big lats add width to your physique and help you appear more muscular. Needless to say, your pecs need to be sufficiently worked as well for a balanced look.

Your body fat percentage also needs to be reduced. Our bodies have a preference for storing fat in the midsection. Its often one of the last places where fat is lost. If you can reduce your body fat to sub-10% you will achieve that small waist-look.

Universally, the most attractive, symmetrical masculine look features a small waist. Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, or simply have a passion for fitness, wielding an incredible V-taper will make you stand out more.

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