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How to Increase My Lats Back Width


If you wish to grow some wings, you need to seriously hit those lats. The latissimus dorsi is a large muscle. With proper training, it gains mass and increases the visible width of your back, resulting in a wider physique. Sufficiently heavy weight needs to be used as the muscle quickly adapts to challenge.

Among the many lat and back exercises that can bestow you with that width you desire, two deserve to be highlighted.

One Arm Barbell Row


This very common back exercise works the lats more effectively than its barbell variation. Each of the lats is recruited individually and therein lays the advantage. A flat bench is used to rest some of your body weight to allow greater isolation of the muscle. Basically, you set your right leg and right hand on the bench so that the upper body is parallel to the floor. Use your left hand to pick up the dumbbell, and keeping your back straight, pull the weight to the side of your chest and after a momentary pause, lower it back to the starting position. After sufficient repetitions, switch for the other arm to perform the movement.

Lat Shrugs


Lat shrugs are great at building a V-taper because they build great shrugs. The exercise can be performed on a lat pull-down machine, and it is fairly easy to execute. Assume the same position you would to perform pull-downs. Instead of pulling the weight, maintain your stance, and instead, flex your lats by bringing your scapulas close together to raise your body. Relax back into the starting position to complete one rep. Your range might not be very great when you first start out, but it increases as you master the exercise.

These two exercises should form the basis of your lat exercises if you truly wish to build an enviable V-taper.

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