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How To Prevent Lower Back Pain When Bodybuilding


Bodybuilders unavoidably put a lot of pressure onto the middle region of their bodies, pressure which often results in lower back pain. You definitely need to know how to save your spine if you’re an avid exerciser and happen to get through this crippling state every now and then or frequently. Once you’ve understood what’s causing it, you will learn how to deal with it and resume your training as quickly as possible.

Identifying the Triggers

To take the right measures for healing, one needs to find the cause of their back pain. Pain in the lower area of the back can be caused by: a damaged spine disk or a pulled muscle due to intense exercise, the wear that comes with age, degenerative disorders or poor posture. Also incorrect exercising (especially when lifting weights) can get this started. One should review the triggers before doing anything else about this issue. Bodybuilders usually get pain from their intense workouts, which cause muscle or ligament strains.

Preventing Lower Back Pain

If you keep on getting lower back pain from your training, you will only keep on preventing yourself from ever reaching your goals. For this reason, you need to know how to stay away from that lower back pain.

You can do the following:

  • Strengthen your core musculature: the abdomen muscles, the quadratus lumborum, and paraspinals
  • Lift weights that are not in line with the spine (avoid sit-ups, military presses, deadlifts, or lunges)
  • Work opposite muscles to balance the body and the weight
  • Avoid running
  • Understand the lifting techniques as explained by experts
  • Lose weight if you have too much of it

Exercise that Helps

Exercise doesn’t have to be stopped unless the pain is severe and the physician has completely rules out any training. If you can get to the gym, you must keep your body well conditioned especially by working the entire core region. Bending forward is a good exercise as well as extensions or backward movement and oblique crunches that focus on opposite muscles. Walk or swim, which is considered as a light exercise and is good for your back.

Also, chiropractors advise to decompress the spine twice a day (morning and evening) by hanging on a bar. Simple as it may seem, it is known to work wonders. If you need something to replace running, then the stationery bike is for you – just don’t hunch your back.

Please be careful whenever back pain occurs, be it acute or chronic. It needs to be assessed by a qualified professional each time it occurs. Do not avoid movement when it comes to pain management, it was proven to be one of the main healing factors.

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