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How to Reduce Belly Fat


A flabby midsection is generally frowned upon, gender notwithstanding. It is unarguably the greatest sign of unfitness. Besides being unaesthetic, belly fat is a health hazard. It puts you at risk of cardiovascular illnesses, among other health problems. This perhaps, explains why the battle to lose belly fat is the most significant in today’s elaborate fitness universe.

Spot Reduction

Some people, in a desperate attempt to cut back the amount of fat they hold, adopt spot reduction exercises. Misguided, they commit to doing hundreds of crunches every single day. While this effort is laudable, it is erroneous. There is no such thing as spot reduction. You cannot choose the part of the body where weight will be lost. You do not wield any such power or authority over your physique.

There is nothing wrong with crunches. They certainly help firm up your abdominal muscles, and increase your core’s strength. But that’s just what crunches and other abdominal exercises do- they help exercise those muscles. The problem is that they do nothing to get rid of the fat covering them.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is a systemic process. Our brains oversee the process by ensuring that weight is lost from every part of the body. However, it does give priority to some regions. The belly is among these. In any weight loss journey, the most significant fat loss is witnessed in the midsection.

This implies that if you want to reduce belly fat, you have to embark on whole body weight loss. The simple way to do this is to increase your metabolism, and reduce the number of calories you take in. It is a multifaceted process that involves diet and exercise.

Weight Training

Strength training works out your muscles. It subjects them to work, forcing hypertrophy, or muscle growth. Bigger muscles take up more nutrients, and keep doing so even when you are away from the weight room. Some of these nutrients are supplied by stored fat which is broken down. This is how weight training leads to fat loss.

Healthy Diet

Any effort in the gym would quickly be invalidated if a proper diet is not observed. By eating the right kinds of foods, in the right quantities, you can encourage your body break down more fat. Ideally, your meals should have a bigger concentration of lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, and small servings of carbohydrates. If you take fewer calories than you expend, the difference will be settled by your stored fat, which will be broken down to provide the energy needed to even the equation.

Reducing belly fat is work. It forces you out of your comfort zone by demanding an overhaul of your nutritional and exercise habits, or lack thereof. When you commit to simply being more fit and put in the time and the work, weight loss will be an inevitable consequence.

If you ever experience that need to shed a few extra pounds from your midsection, understand that you will have to put in a lot more work than daily crunches. Only by preparing for the work ahead you can really be able to endure it.

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