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How to Stay Focused in the Gym


The resolve to go to the gym should be enough to lend you a sense of focus, but sadly it is not. Focus is not that easy to come by and without playing your part, you might get less from your workouts. The rule is, if you put in a half-hearted effort, you will only get half the results. How do you tune your mind into the right state to make the most of your gym sessions?

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

You certainly have that ideal physique pictured in your mind. This is your goal. This is the destination that your journey is leading you towards. Clearly envision yourself having achieved that physique and let that positive energy that follows motivate you. You might be far off, but that bigger picture should be affixed on your mind regardless of where you currently are.

Have a Deadline


The difference between a goal and a dream, as they say, is a deadline. Having a time limit will instill a sense of urgency on everything you do. It will help you stay the path and avoid any distractions. Stay away from your phone, from chatty friends and let that pressure of having a deadline keep you in line. Let it give you a purpose. Needless to say, said deadline should be plausible, in the sense that it should be achievable within the set time.

Have a Playlist

Music has strong therapeutic effects, and research has shown that it helps increase productivity and focus. This truth applies in the weight room. Compile a workout playlist (there is an abundant selection online, if you care to look) and listen to it throughout your workout. It will help you find more strength to push those extra reps that encourage hypertrophy.

Consume a Preworkout


Preworkout formulas are loaded with compounds that can biologically help you increase your focus. In addition to endowing you with a lasting pump that enables you endure a workout, they bestow you with a sense of focus. If you surrender yourself to it, it can help you push further with each workout. Check out these pre-workout I’ve reviewed.

Remember to change things up every once in a while to avoid falling into a boring routine. Have your workout planned out in advance, so that you move effortlessly from exercise to exercise without stopping to think of what to do next. Having a workout partner also helps as you get someone to keep you in line when you become distracted.

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