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How to wash wrist wraps without damaging it


Wrist wraps collect chalk dust and sweat and so you need to clean them regularly to ensure their maintenance. Most people just throw them inside the washing machine, hoping it’s the easy way to solve the problem – but it’s not. Machine washing can mess with the fibers and also get the wraps awfully tangled. What is the proper way to care for them then?

The steps to wash wrist wraps

First of all, you should be aware of what the manufacturer says. Brands can be quite a different one from the other and thus prompt for special ways to care for your wrist wraps. Read the instructions carefully and adapt to that which is required. Manufacturers can give you precious information about maintenance and care. In case you do not have any such directions, then you can follow the advice below. Do not take this matter lightly, because improper care will damage the wraps fabric and thus decrease their quality. Therefore, the wraps will no longer support your wrists like they should.

Hand washing and machine washing

Hand washing may be laborious, but it is very safe. Lukewarm water and some detergent are enough for this job. Whatever you choose as a cleaning solution, you can use a clean cloth to apply it to the wraps and allow it to dissolve the dirt. This will also protect your skin from chemicals. When squeezing the water out, do it carefully, as to avoid deformations. If you do not have the time for this entire task, you can still use the washing machine, as long as you employ a laundry bag for lingerie. It’s a special, soft bag where you can place delicate items and thus they won’t be damaged or tangled.

Know a trick!

When you notice your wraps are moist or even smelly, you can resort to another easy trick and simply blow-dry them. Let them hang in some place and use the blow drier until the moisture is gone. That will help prevent further issues without washing too often. Don’t leave them in your bag or in a drawer. While they’re stored away, you may want to put baking soda on their surface, to kill fungi and remove odor.

Do not avoid proper maintenance – never postpone cleaning your wrist wraps when these are dirty. Remember that there will be moisture within after every single use. Thus, they can develop mildew and bacteria, which is bad for your health and for the fabric, too.

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