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How Using Periodization Will Improve My Gym Lifts?


Periodization means creating a cycling structure for one’s training program. It will get the athlete ready in time for competitions and is said to maximize the gains. It is a strategy, an approach that enhances the performance based on creating variety.

Understanding periodization

To improve your training and have a truly individualized training program, you need to understand what periodization is and how to apply it. Usually, it’s the personal trainers or coaches who implement that. This doesn’t only refer to using a variety of exercises, in a cyclic manner. It also means varying the intensity of the training, as the volume of exercise.

Amazing benefits of periodization

A huge benefit of this approach is minimizing the injury risks. Also, a staling routine can have terrible consequences on the mood, motivation and performance of the athlete or gym member. Periodization breaks the routine and makes you excited because each day is different than the previous one. It’s a new challenge. If you are one who engages in competitions, the strategy will allow you to reach your top shape several times during a year.

As expected, periodization works wonderfully for the long term. It isn’t an exhausting tactic at all because it doesn’t require you to train at the same level day by day. There are highs and lows, always alternating. Actually, this approach is recommended in order to minimize fatigue and to bust any plateaus you might reach. It will also involve the entire range of activities you need, from the general to the specific preparation within the chosen field. Because it gets all the types of muscular fiber to work, this will make you see real gains faster.

Including periodization in your daily workout

Periodization can start from your daily workouts. You may split these into minutes or hours and try to variate in a smart and effective way. Then, move on to a larger time span – one week, then a month and one year. Treat these bigger units the same way: split them into smaller ones and cycle your activities accordingly. Note that there is no unique model for all. The strategies will be tailored individually and you shouldn’t copy what someone else is doing, but create your own program.

Whether you do weight lifting or similar sports, you can benefit of this example: for the first part of your training, focus on your raw strength. Then, forget about the intensity but favor the speed. After that, try maximizing your power, then go back to speed-focused training. This will give you an idea of how you can add variety within one hour of working out.

This is no new approach; it has been around for a long time, with proven results. There are many ways to customize your sessions this way. What happens when you don’t care for periodization? You are vulnerable to overtraining, exhaustion and you won’t be able to recover so quickly to get back on track in due time. This is sure to hamper your progress and even to frustrate you so, that you won’t want to join the gym again.

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