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How wearing compression socks helps a bodybuilder


Many consider compression clothing to be a tribute to the eighties when it was a fad to wear tight-fitting clothes or might even it is considered to be just a fashionable choice where one can easily flaunt their curves in the shapely garments. However, even athletes, bodybuilders, tennis players and runners are sporting compression clothing including socks and they all can’t be just making a fashion statement. Apart from looking good, compression socks have been found to improve the athletic performance too.

What are compression socks and their purpose?

Part of an expanding line of compression clothing, such as compression tights, shorts and compression jerseys, compression socks are stockings that are designed using specialized hosiery material and they fit tightly around the skin. The material to which the compression and tightness are attributed is a blend of nylon along with spandex.

The purpose of these clothing is that they provide support and aid in the blood circulation too. The compression gear is said to hold the muscles tightly in place and subsequently improve the flow of blood to these muscles. Increased blood flow to muscles has positive effects on athletic performances.

Compression socks and performance

Apart from being shapely, compression gears, including the socks, have been considered to greatly affect and improve the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. Manufacturers of these clothing claim that stamina and power in the muscles increases due to the compression effect of the clothing along with recovery in speed and improvement in coordination. This helps bodybuilders improve their performance significantly.

Role in the medical field

With respect to its role in the medical field, the compression garments have been around for quite a while. They help in blood circulation, especially in those suffering from low blood pressure, provide treatment in the case of varicose veins, reduce swelling of ankle and leg and additionally speed up the process of wound healing. The compression garments or socks are especially useful for paralysis and arthritis patients.

Role in bodybuilding and athletes

Taking into account the effectiveness of compression gear in medical cases, it’s role in athletes is also fast gaining credibility and significance. Studies have been carried and are still being carried out to display the role of compression clothing improving sports performance. One study revealed that compression significantly benefited muscle oxygenation during taxing physical activity and induces changes in the blood flow within the tissues and perfusion, which in turn improves oxygenation especially during short-term exercises, such as bodybuilding and powerlifting.

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