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I’m no fitness guru


It’s kind of funny to me when I get compliments about my physique, or how they commented they could be more like me.

I’m not trying to belittle such people or comments, it’s just funny how as through my own eyes, this physique of mine to me is mediocre (Jeez have you seen my bodyfat amount and my small arms).

It is still a body under construction in progress. I’m not ashamed of it of course, quite the opposite. It’s just that it feels weird receiving compliments about how big my biceps are, or how my abs looks like chocolate bars.

Plus I have not a slightest idea what I’m doing.

All I did was picked up a dumbbell two years ago as a scrawny dude and just started cranking out workouts a day at a time, experimenting, the trials and error, and such.

In between I read up, watch and listen to instructional stuff online or the print.

It can get pretty confusing as one fitness guru says one thing, while the others contradicts that.

I’ve no mentor nor specific a idol.

I just do what I do as I just love working out with steel.

The life of steel had me deep in its hook.

And through consistency, to date you’re looking at my current ‘mediocre’ physique.

From this new found passion I wanted to chart my progress and build a genuine fitness community.

Thus bodybuilding.sg was born.

An online community I hope that pride on being honest and encourage brothers of steel in arms rather than dish out troll comments, or hate for which I’ve seen aplenty on many forums and sites.

That’s it.

No bullshit, no hidden agenda.

That’s why I love bodybuilding.

It’s not just about the muscles.

Look beyond the envy and praises my brothers and sisters.

There’s no end product in this field of specialty, and I hope the enlightened journey to attain such ‘perfection’ that has thrilled me so far, does the same for you.

It has been such a humbling experience personally.

I can’t wait and fathom in excitement of what another two years leading the life of steel awaits for me.

Get your beastmode on!

Your fitness pal



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