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IFBB presence in Singapore bodybuilding


The 2017 Show of Strength is to be held in Singapore and organized by the IFBB affiliate in this country, represented by Singapore Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (SFBF). The event is scheduled for October 7th at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center and will be gathering bodybuilding and fitness athletes from various Asian countries.

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The mission to promote these sports in Singapore and raise awareness on the matters of diet and exercise is, for the moment, on a very positive track, as the upcoming IFBB show is now officially approved. This allows fitness enthusiasts to meet stars like Dennis Wolf, attend their workshops and benefit of one-on-one training – just to name the highlight of this event. The presence of such stars and the many workshops are meant to boost the image of sports and attract the public to do more for themselves, for their shape, health and mental well being.

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About SFBF

The International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, founded in 1946, is the top network of its kind in the world. The SFBF was founded in 2011 and now aims to get together athletes from countries like Thailand, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines and more. SFBF or IFBB Singapore has one purpose: to help people improve their health through exercise and nutrition and help them reach the fitness goals they set or only dreamed about. The organization gets involved in organizing seminars, training programs, shows and contests focused on bodybuilding, fitness, bikini, physique etc. Its mission also includes frequent discussions on the challenges athletes face in Asia. Anyone wishing to make progress can obtain a membership and, should they reach important milestones, could get recognition through medals, certificates and so on. Membership is awarded not just to athletes, but also to officials and judges. SFBF is in close connection to the other IFBB affiliates, regardless of country and continent. Its code of Ethics is like the one of IFBB.

Previously IFBB sanctioned events in Singapore

SFBF Team with the IFBB Pro – from left Alex Betts, Joan Liew, Excell Chua & Augustine Lee

As an officially sanctioned organization, SFBF can organize in Singapore events similar to any other IFBB happenings, in terms of quality and appeal. In August 2016, 8 Singaporean athletes participated in the Arnold Classic Asia content representing SFBF and won 4 medals. However, 2017 is the starting year for regular events in Singapore, both national and international. This finally enabled constancy and the gradual improvement of performance. According to President Betts, this is where it all really begins.

The future of the IFBB presence in Singapore

The Show of Strength 2017 is supposed to be the biggest fitness-related event in Singapore. Its goal is to strengthen the bonds between Southeast Asia athletes and create a unified fitness community. It will give many the chance to turn from amateur to professional, as the IFBB presence always has. From this point on, Singaporeans will be allowed to practice these sports at much higher standards. They will be able to qualify for prestigious international competitions, including Mr. Olympia. The SFBF will be in charge with educating people on the benefits of sport and the importance of maintaining discipline.

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