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Why iHerb Affiliate Program Is Internet’s Best Choice to Generate Passive Income for the Supplements Niche


iHerb is simply unmissable. Whether you make an online search for supplements of any kind, read bodybuilding forums or fitness websites, you will somehow come across its name or be directed to the iHerb website. It is very popular, one of the reasons being its very wide range of products.

The lucrative affiliate program of iHerb

Besides the impressive diversity, quality of products and available discounts, the store also rewards its clients through its Affiliate Program. This allows customers to refer other people to the store. As these sign up, the benefiting clients get a percentage of what they spend within the store. Thus, iHerb can generate a passive income.

Making money with this affiliate program is easier

What makes this truly easy is that you can take advantage of the store’s global reach. This means that you can recruit new customers from wherever – just spread the news online as you see fit and seek response from all over the world. Once you’ve brought in a new client, you will get a recurring commission each time they make a purchase. You will be using a referral link, so that they sign up as “your people”. It’s not only the link you can use, however. It’s recommended to post the latest offers and discounts from iHerb, because this is what draws customers to the store. You may focus on new and interesting products or on those that you had a first-hand experience with. Thus, you can be very convincing.

My iHerb earnings has been increasing steadily these few months.
My iHerb earnings has been increasing steadily these few months.

As you get a new customer, you get 5$. Then, you get 5% of the total cost of whatever they order from iHerb. There is no minimum purchase to enjoy these benefits, anything qualifies. As long as the program is valid, you will be receiving the 5%. The ongoing benefits are anyone’s dream. It is like having a business that generates income and you don’t have to do anything to make it work. iHerb has recently improved its affiliate program scheme and is no longer the typical multi-level system, with limited benefits. It’s a fair structure now that can get you hundreds or even thousands. Online, you will see your Rewards activity and its details accordingly.

There are benefits even for those whom you get to sign up. They will be saving as you introduce them to the store, so this aspect makes it even easier for you to convince them to join. Talk to them about the discounts, as well as about the free shipping opportunities. You should stay informed on the products and always check the emails you get from iHerb because these highlight the latest offers and that is what you should be using to lure customers in.

The program is not limited to specific countries. Anyone can participate and reach people from all places in the world. It’s truly a global affair. When a store like this ships to more than 150 countries and has over 35,000 different products in stock, you should definitely take advantage and make a passive income through it.

Interested to join iHerb Affiliate Program. You can do so here.

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