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How Much Could iHerb Affiliate Program Top Earners Make?


iHerb is a giant – it is one of the best known, biggest herb and supplement stores on the Internet. It’s got thousands of products and it keeps on adding novelties that draw clients. If you are one of its clients and can refer other people to it, then you’re in the affiliates program and you can make passive earnings.

If you love the gym and supplements, for which the two go hand-in-hand, shouldn’t you be earning passive income from your passion. Well I am, and you should too. It’s easy! This article will show you how and convince you.

You have enough chances to make money being an iHerb affiliate

It’s been claimed that, within the iHerb affiliate network, an individual with only 3 referred customers can earn about $240. This is not a fixed sum. It was issued years ago and since then the rules have been changing for several times. Because it’s a multilevel structure, you make an income not only based on the customers you bring, but also on those whom they refer. Level 1 sales bring you about 4% of what they spend, while level 4 sales, 1%.

If you are feeling ambitious and you know you can be successful at this, then you may want to know how much the top earners make. There are indeed iHerb clients who make a significant amount, because the network they created is bigger. At this top level, yearly earnings of $140,000 are not uncommon. This doesn’t mean that these people have dedicated their every moment to recruiting for iHerb. A few hours per week suffice.

The affiliate process in a few words

My meager earnings at iHerb affiliate program is slowly building.
My meager earnings at iHerb affiliate program is slowly building.

It all starts with the first client you recruit. Once they are yours, you must start inspiring them to bring other customers. They might even do this all by themselves. When the Rewards Code is used, you get $5 but also 5% of the referred client’s order. With every reorder, you get another 5%. When the customer purchases something from the iHerb house brand, you get 10% of the value.

In 2014, top earners made a yearly average income of $134,000. Currently, some affiliates appear to earn about $500 per month and they’re not doing much for it. Others, however, go beyond the $1,000 level. The present possibilities let one grab as much as 25% of sales. To make your strategy more efficient, you will have to use social media in a clever way and impress or inspire your friends, relatives and colleagues with the benefits of shopping at iHerb.

Be an earner through iHerb affiliate

Insists on new products, free shipping and its overall fame make it the leading vitamin store. After all, most people are constantly looking to buy quality vitamin supplements! Help people know that they will be saving hundreds per year when buying their needed supplements from iHerb. There is a reason why so many become loyal to this store and place recurring orders. Even if you won’t become one of the top earners, you can still enjoy some extra hundreds monthly.

Remember that the whole world is your playground when you get involved with iHerb. The store ships to pretty much every country on earth and it’s got about 35,000 different products. This means so many ways in which you can acquire clients and so many possibilities!

Interested to join iHerb Affiliate Program. You can do so here.

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