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iHerb.com Huge Supplement Discounts


iHerb has unique ways to offer discounts to its customers, old and new. This very popular and awarded ecommerce platform for health products has its ways to attract and keep its clients. It sells anything from natural supplements to herbs for infusions, beauty products, pet items, natural cosmetics, carrier oils and so on.

As with many other stores, iHerb appreciates when you buy more. Thus, it will reward you. For shopping cart totals of at least $40, iHerb guarantees a 5% cost reduction. This is valid for the whole order. International shipping will also be discounted on such orders.

“Specials” and “Clearance”

As you access iHerb.com, you will see two menus. Go to the smaller one above and click on the Specials or Clearance links. Thus you can view the entire range of heavily discounted products. ‘Specials’ refers to specific brands that offer their products for less for a limited time. The reductions are from 10% to 30%. The ‘Clearance’ section of the site has thousands of discounted products, no exaggeration. It may be difficult to browse them but it’s the same if you simply use the ‘Supplements’ tab. The better way is to check whichever item or brand you are interested in or to perform a search based on the terms that best describe what interests you. It will limit your search and you will still see whether there’s a price discount or not. The new price is written in bold black letters, while the old price stands above, in light gray font and is crossed with a line.

10% Discounts

It’s easy to obtain a 10% discount on iHerb products. You may even benefit of more such discounts, as there are several ways to access these. One way is through iHerb coupons that you can snatch on the web from various websites. The usual discounts guaranteed by such coupons are of about 10%.

The second way is by ordering two or more products of the same kind. If you know you are going to use a certain supplement repeatedly, why not order more at once and enjoy the cost reduction? Not all products benefit of this 10% off, but you could be lucky so keep an eye on it.

The iHerb Rewards

iHerb has set a rewarding referral system. When you introduce others to the store, you can benefit of ongoing rewards that will make your shopping cheaper. You’re not being paid just once. Whenever they buy something through the link you provided, you get a percentage of their order. It’s not hard to actually get other people to order from them, because the platform allows one to choose from over 35,000 products from various brands all over the world (and not only supplements).

As you can see, there are many ways to save while shopping with iHerb. Cumulative discounts may make a huge difference. This article is not exhaustive, the company may well have other ways to reduce the costs for its customers and it also tends to come up with novelties and surprises.

Check out iHerb.com, do use my code ‘BGQ995’ for special discounts.

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