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Why iHerb Has Been Voted #1 Internet Vitamin Store Year After Year


Founded in 1996, iHerb has had the time to grow into one of the biggest supplement retailers on the web, now with a total of 35,000 products from the world’s best brands. Given the surge in interest for healthy living and the popularity of online shopping, iHerb has taken advantage and implemented a successful system. Thus, it has been recognized as the #1 vitamin store on the Internet, repeatedly.

How is iHerb excelling?

iHerb encourages repeat orders through its discounts, reliable shipping and bonuses. Its warehouse in California is climate controlled and all products stay fresh. There are hardly any complaints ever. Customers can pick from more than 1000 brands. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular manufacturer that’s hard to find, you can simply check here, as there are many more chances to find it. You don’t have to make a compromise and switch brands if you can’t find the one you tolerate really well.

iHerb has anything you would like to find in a health food store and more. However, the iHerb prices are much lower – sometimes even with 40%. apart from that, one can save when ordering more of the same product or refer new customers and earn a percentage of what they spend, over and over again. This referral program is known as one of the most effective ever.

The haven of vitamin

This is the web store where you find highly specialized products, like digestive enzymes or formulations, for pro athletes, besides all vitamin combinations, minerals, oils and herbs or spices you’ve ever heard of. Anyone browsing the web store can read all about each product because the site lets you view the labels. Thus, nothing will escape you. There’s even the “best before” date to be seen. You’ll know what to expect before ordering anything so you won’t spend money in vain and be disappointed.

The amazing aspects of iHerb

Let’s go on to a very important aspect: the customer reviews. All the reviews found here are honest because iHerb doesn’t allow submission unless the user has actually purchased and received the ordered product. It is a much more reliable reviewing system than with other stores/sites. It’s something you can truly rely on.

People also choose iHerb for the convenience. The whole ordering process makes it easy to place orders and save money. If you spend above a certain amount, you get free shipping, not to mention the possible discounts for the purchased items. iHerb ships to every country and there are no restrictions. This is also what enables its customers to refer many people to the store and secure a passive income through the referral program.

There is a real commitment to quality here. Hadn’t this been the case, iHerb would have never survived all these years. Besides, since it gathers such an impressive number of brands, it’s the place where people can find those rare products they’ve been looking for. In certain countries there is a real shortage of options and retailers. iHerb supplies these with the needed supplements that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Go to iHerb online store.

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