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iHerb vs Amazon – Which Supplement Store Is More Trustworthy?


Judging by both the number of reviews and the online feedback of buyers, it’s hard to compare iHerb and Amazon as supplements providers. Moreover, people tend to stick with either one or the other and thus both stores have their own ultra-loyal customers.

iHerb has the advantage of being focused on supplements and closely related products only. It’s a market that’s easy to deal with. Customers simply go and get what they need, whereas on Amazon it may be a little more difficult to make your way around and shop.

Whether you are searching for your next vitamins for ‘maintenance’ or looking to make regular purchases as a professional athlete, you will find suitable products in both stores. There are other aspects, however, to make a difference. Let’s have a look at what makes each of these two markets special and trustworthy, starting with iHerb and then Amazon.



iHerb stands for quality e-commerce and has been awarded frequently during its more than 16 years of existence. The products are varied and the customer care service is a plus. Plus, they list the expiration dates. It is great for bulk orders in general. Shopping here gets troublesome when it comes to ordering outside the US. The store claims it ships to 180 countries, but not all supplements are available for international shipping.

There’s one more thing to mention about iHerb – it’s the Rewards program that has been going for some time. It’s all about existing customers referring new ones, but you get to retain a percentage of what they buy each time. Thus, there have been yearly earnings of hundreds for those who have only referred a few people. It’s a fairly easy way to reap some welcome rewards by doing basically nothing. iHerb is surely attractive and serious as well.

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Amazon enthusiasts, on the other side, say you cannot go wrong with this one. Amazon is safe, as long as you stick to known, well-rated vendors who have an active partnership with the supplement manufacturers. The main advantage when it comes to Amazon purchases is the price. The costs here are simply unbeatable. Don’t go for the dubiously cheap supplements though; they are usually fake ones that you don’t want to end up buying.

Amazon is better if you only buy one supplement or simply place isolated orders. It’s a good idea to compare the shipping prices. Depending on their geographical location, some vendors may apply smaller or bigger fees than others. Luckily, the presentation page of each product provides all the needed information (provenience, manufacturer, seller, shipping etc.). Moreover, the options are many. It may not be a specialized supplement store in itself, but it’s certainly a huge market that hosts almost any product under the sun.

Go to Amazon.com Supplement Store.

These being said, you don’t have to stay loyal to one store only. You can always try both and make up your mind as to which would be the best. Amazon or iHerb – it is your choice after all.

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