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Increase Your Libido with These Natural Supplements


Whether you’re a man or a woman, you naturally want to be able to enjoy your bedroom experience to the maximum, but sometimes the internal chemistry just isn’t right and it fails us. In situations like this, you may want to reach for the quickest and nearest libido enhancer. Below we will tell you why it’s best to go for the natural options and what exactly you should rely on.

Why take natural supplements to increase your libido?

Desire is the result of chemicals in our brains and our sexual organs. The hormones we create are often in a fragile balance. Stress, bad nutrition, psychological issues, and pollution disrupt our sex hormones, lowering our libido. When we interfere with synthetic solutions, we can do more harm. Sometimes these solutions refer to hormone replacements. When you do that, your body no longer needs to produce hormones on its own. The consequence: the balance is ruined even further.

Low testosterone – the frequent cause of low libido

In men and women alike, the hormone known as testosterone is responsible with sexual desire. When it drops below the normal levels, it causes a low libido. Thus, one can focus on herbs that can naturally and harmlessly influence testosterone production. Women should proceed with caution though, since it’s not good for them to have too much of it.

• Vitamin C and Iron supplements

Vitamin C can successfully improve blood circulation and boost women’s libido. Iron is especially good for women, enhancing arousal and lubrication.

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• L-Arginine

1,000 mg twice a day is bound to help blood vessels dilate and enhance the blood flow to the sexual organs. This is especially useful to men.

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• Maca Root

Maca is an adaptogen herb, which means it helps the body and mind adjust to stressful conditions. Taking it on a daily basis can counter the effects of stress, provide more energy and improve the mood, also boosting one’s libido.

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• Tribulus Terrestris

A lot of supplements for men feature this plant extract. Well known to Chinese medicine, this aphrodisiac works best when taken three times a day. By stimulating androgen receptors, it makes the body more responsive to sex hormones. In addition, it lowers anxiety levels, strongly connected to a poor performance.

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• Panax Ginseng

Also known as Asian ginseng, this has helped women delay menopause and enjoy more orgasms. Remember to take it daily for at least three weeks in order to see its effect.

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• Ginkgo Biloba

Although there isn’t enough information on its effect on sexual desire, Ginkgo extract has been many times proven useful in brain and circulatory health. Therefore, it is expected of it to work in the lower regions too, by increasing blood flow.

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• Muira Puama

Also known as the “potency wood”, it increases the libido and intensified orgasms. It is excellent for females too, as it’s known to enhance the sexual experience even after menopause.

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Low libido shouldn’t be something “to get used to”, at least not too early in life. Traditional medicine and new research tell us there are precious herbs that can solve such issues, caused too frequently by the stressful lives we live.

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