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Importance of Insulin Sensitivity in Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding is a sport or hobby that requires immense dedication in terms of time and effort to achieve a sculpted physique as desired. Apart from hours spent sweating it out in the gym, bodybuilding even requires a diet that supplements the body with required nutrients for muscle development and also a little extra apart from the diet. One such factor that is found to impact bodybuilding is insulin sensitivity.

Let us first understand what insulin is and how it impacts bodybuilding. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the cells termed Islets of Langerhans that are present in the pancreas. The function of this hormone is to regulate the amount or level of glucose in the blood. A lack of this hormone leads to a type of commonly occurring disorder, diabetes mellitus. Sensitivity to insulin means a mechanism which helps determine the body’s ability to efficiently utilize the effects of insulin. In other words, it can be described as a measure of how sensitive the body is to insulin and its effects.

Possessing good insulin sensitivity is considered as a sign that the body is in good health. Lower insulin sensitivity means that the body puts more pressure on the pancreas to increase the production of insulin in order to clear the sugar present in the blood. Sensitivity to insulin means that the body can take care of the blood sugar with optimum or even low levels of insulin and thus prevents the body from further developing high blood sugar as well as blood pressure.

Bodybuilding and the importance of insulin sensitivity

Bodybuilders often do all the other needful steps to attain the desired physique and still fail to achieve and are unable to pinpoint the exact reason. Insulin sensitivity or rather the lack of it is often one of the probable reasons.

Insulin, apart from bringing glucose into the body cells, also helps with the uptake of amino acids into the (much desired) muscles and initiates protein synthesis, which in turn prevents amino acid being utilized as a reserve source of energy instead of storing it as fats. So, if the body is not sensitive to insulin, the body will tend to store more of the nutrients as fats instead of utilizing it as a fuel to provide energy to muscles. A fat loss also becomes more challenging if the body is resistant to insulin. Therefore insulin and sensitivity of the body towards it is necessary for gaining new muscles and getting the body fat levels to single digits.

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