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Is Bubble Tea Bad For Bodybuilding


The bubble (or boba) tea trend is taking over every country. It’s a dun and tasty drink that can be personalized in so many ways, by adding any of the tens of available ingredients. Sweet, colorful and refreshing, it can add a significant number of calories when people opt for milky and sugary combinations.

The only problem with bubble tea is that it has the potential to add some fat to your body. IIFYM advises to cut down sugar. IIFYM means “If It fits Your Macros”, and it is a popular dieting concept that emphasizes flexibility. It even allows for a bit of junk food consumption.

Bubble tea in bodybuilding

Bodybuilders worldwide wonder how good or bad is bubble tea considering their muscle building efforts. Bubble tea being a bad choice is questionable. It is most likely a myth, just like the one about junk food. Many have said that bodybuilders should avoid any junk foods, but in fact these don’t do any harm if consumed scarcely. A few junk foods a day don’t ruin any efforts as long as the bodybuilder commits to regular healthy, nourishing meals. Actually, it can help one achieve more through a significant boost of calories.

I always order Milk Tea, 30 per cent sugar with pearl for my Bubble Tea. I don’t have a fancy tastebud.

In other words, if bubble tea fits your macros, then you may go ahead and have it. Just count the grams of protein, carbs, and fat you consume during a day and if you get enough of these, it doesn’t matter that much what you add besides them. It’s important to not lose sight of the big picture. Bodybuilders happen to do that as they scrutinize every bit of food they eat. Some really need to relax more when it comes to their nutrition. Such worries are more legitimate if your body and its metabolism are more inclined to storing fat than turning nutrients into muscle.

To calm down your anxieties, you may calculate your macro-nutrients intake – many guides online will show you how to do this. If you get enough macro nutrients, it means that your body can sustain the training routine and can repair the stressed muscles. Everything else that you add to your diet won’t sabotage your efforts of generating lean body mass.

Boba tea is a really inoffensive treat when your body gets all the easily available nutrients it needs on a daily basis. You will still able to enjoy this sweet goodie when bodybuilding. If you have a strict clean diet however, you may need to cut bubble tea off your list. We are thinking here of bodybuilders who may have certain health issue and therefore dietary restrictions. To cut down on the bad calories, one may opt for green-tea-and-no-milk versions of bubble tea, which are equally tasty.

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