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Is it bad to sleep immediately after eating


That feeling of fullness and drowsiness you have after a meal may make you think that your body is sending you the right signals – that it would be a good idea to actually take some time off and sleep. However, the processes that happen within at that time may not be in your favor and may not support your fitness goal.

Why does sleepiness occur?

It is because the body works hard and needs plenty of resources in order to digest the food. This is especially valid when the meal is a rich or heavy one. Digestion takes energy and the body will allocate that to the process while taking it from other ones – like your alertness and ability to stay awake.

Will sleeping after eating get you fat?

Yes. It is because the body absorbs the nutrients in food but, since there is no physical or mental activity, it will store these as fat. Because you’re not burning the products of your digestion, you prompt your system to store these away for later use. It’s how your adipose layer grows.

There are also certain dangers to health, too. During digestion, there are processes and parameters that are not compatible with the state of sleep. If you do go to sleep or merely take a nap, you are interfering with these. Here is what you risk, according to studies:

  • Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux
  • Stroke
  • Weight (fat) gain

When your concern is your look and you don’t want to gain weight, it is best to plan a physical activity after a meal. You still need to give yourself a little time to digest, but soon after you should engage in light movement – walking would be ideal.

Remember that all knowledgeable people say that you should wait for at least 2 hours after dinner before you go to bed. Everyone is aware of that advice. It is then good to practice it after each meal, as there are good reasons behind this. Do not worry about the drowsiness you feel after meals. It is a normal reaction when much of your blood goes to the stomach area, so all other regions are deprived of it. If you implemented the advice of having dinner early and go to sleep at least 2 hours later, then you can easily apply this principle to every meal of the day.

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