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Is using styrofoam plates & cups safe?


Styrofoam is a type of polystyrene and a trademarked product. It is part of a very large group of items that we use on a daily basis (coffee cups, takeout containers, coolers, packaging etc.) and we’re not exactly aware that this habit is harming us.

Do you know polystyrene leads to hazard?

While these products may seem like totally harmless, all disposable polystyrene represents a hazard. This synthetic chemical has already been labelled as a carcinogen by researchers. In some places of the world, drastic measures are being taken, including banning polystyrene completely (see the case of San Francisco and 100 other notable cities). To find out more about its dangers on human health, as well as on our planet, you may obtain information from the Environmental Protection Agency and the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The modern lifestyle, unfortunately, includes a lot of disposable Styrofoam items – these are cheap, convenient and so easy to use, but on a second thought you may no longer like them at all. This type of plastic comes in contact with your food or beverage, which leaves some of its particles in what you eat or drink. When you make it a habit, the quantity is non-negligible. Toxins, even in very small amounts, may accumulate over time and harm your health. It is even worse when you microwave because such polystyrene containers or recipients will then ‘leak’ even more toxins, as the heat favours the process. If the liquid inside is too hot, it may even start to break down the recipient – as it happened on numerous occasions.

If you are concerned with the environment, you will be shocked at how hard it is to get rid of polystyrene. It needs about 500 years to decompose! Any landfill is sure to get overwhelmed very quickly. You may think about burning it, but that is not a good idea either since it produces even more toxic fumes.

Recycle polystyrene to use it the best way

Petroleum is the start product for anything that is Styrofoam, so now you know that this is doomed from the start. Being non-sustainable and harmful, do you really want to use it on a daily basis and send tons of it to the landfill? There is good news at least: you can recycle polystyrene in special centres in your city. Furthermore, to protect yourself, you can place your food and drinks in stone, glass or ceramic containers, especially when heating.

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