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Jay Cutler’s Tips For Greatness


Multiple Olympia bodybuilder, now retired, Jay Cutler was crowned as champion four times and has a vast knowledge to share. He says that it all started with planning out. If anyone wants to taste the success Jay Cutler has had, they must begin by plotting it well – their training, the competitions they would take part in, the eating and anything else they may want to include in their lives. Besides this basic tip, Cutler offers much more.

Be a Volume Trainer

This is one of the main pieces of advice coming from him. This is what he’s always done. He got to carry out impressive workouts (10 back exercises in 43 sets for example, grouped into 2 workouts the same day), with no fear of overtraining. The muscle growth induced by such exercising regime was spectacular. Simply increase your sets per workout to achieve this.

Stay Away from Chemicals

This doesn’t mean you have to keep away from supplements and such, but it’s better to limit these and base your growth on organic food mostly. Cutler has seen much better results from eating ‘clean’ food, as it has improved his overall health and also helped him looked better on stage.

Change Each Exercise

Bodybuilders know how important it is to create a ‘routine’, but this doesn’t mean they must stick to certain types of exercises. Jay Cutler has been changing his all the time. At some points, it was all new and therefore challenging. You may even experiment with the resting times, he says.

Pay More Attention to Recuperation

What you do post-workout is crucial. Jay would do a lot to improve its recuperation. First, he would have long deep massage sessions to stimulate all tissue. One such massage session may feel rough and leave you feeling worn out, but it has immense in-depth benefits. Schedule one massage per week and you will experience serious improvements.

Never Forget the Basics

Although he supports changing your exercise types and experimenting with various devices, Cutler also points out the importance of the basics. He once has a time when he used cables, machines and the like, but lost competitions to much better looking opponents. He then realized it was all about the basic, which he had ignored: barbell bench presses, deadlifts, barbell rows and so on. Always include free-weight exercises to pump up for volume.

Diet Advice

It was rime we heard about Jay Cutler’s diet recommendations, too. Being a mass monster, he sure has some precious tips to offer. The first one would be about matching the diet with the blood type. There are books written on this topic. He would focus on bread and eggs, especially on egg whites, which he consumed in large numbers. Steak and rice represented a good combo for him. The rice gave him extra strength for workouts through its complex carbs.

Cutler has also insisted on the importance on how you think, of that something that ‘clicks’ within you to make you push your boundaries constantly and achieve more – the bodybuilder mentality.

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