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Jeans for Bodybuilders


Ever since I started lifting, I’ve practically outgrown my attire and apparels.

While finding tops are much easier, it’s the bottom such as pants and jeans in particular that gives me much frustration when shopping.

I’ve no complaints when it comes to packing on more muscle, but it just sucks you can no longer buy jeans and pants off-the-rack.

My quads/hamstring and calves are the main culprit and this article serves as my personal experience and solution to find a fitting jeans for bodybuilders.

Feel free to comment and contact me on your own experience, so I can put up the links to help out our bros-in-iron to purchase jeans for bodybuilders.


    My stats
    Height: 1.72m
    Weight: 76kg
    Thighs: 24.2 inches
    Waist: 29.5 inches
    Calves: 16.1 inches
    Chest: 39.6 inches
    Arms: 15.75 inches

Custom Jeans

You could just go to a tailor (There’s plenty online or your local mall) and get your jeans measured to fit for around $50. A better tailoring workmanship might cost you more.

Levi’s 503 Jeans
32-inch waist (34-inch inseam)


This is the only Levi’s jeans with a wide enough room for my wheels. My waist is 29.5 inches, and I tried the 30-inch 503 Levi jeans but my thighs however still could not fit. But at 32-inch 503 Levi, it was comfortable. That means I still need to bring to the tailor to adjust the jeans to fit my waist (Cut 2-inches off) and the inseam too (Was 34-inch inseam, so I cut it to 32-inch inseam). If I was on a cutting phase, I would have to wear a belt as the waist is loose. You can get this jeans as cheap as $20 on Ebay.

Old Navy Premium Loose-Fit Jeans
30-inch waist (32-inch inseam)
Buy this jean online, click here.


Wearing this, my friends would call me “Abang Baggy”, a local lingo term for hipster. The jeans just hang slightly below my waist, comfortable, really ample room in my quads and lots of space at the bottom if I was to wear a boot.

Old Navy Regular-Fit Jeans
30-inch waist (32-inch inseam)
Buy this jean online, click here.


For other people who have bought this jeans, to them it might be regular cut, but for me it is a slim-fit cut, LOL. It has a really snug fit to it. The jean is higher up on my waist and there’s more support and firmness of jeans-to-ass comfort level ratio, compared to ‘Old Navy Premium Loose-Fit Jeans’. My only fear if I were to grow any more quads and hamstring muscle in the future, I won’t be able to fit into this anymore. But for now I could.

You can always try Diesel Jeans and also Lucky Jeans but I find Old Navy Jeans are much cheaper. Diesel jeans are premium jeans, so be prepared to fork out some moolas from your wallet.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button area. Keep a finger between your body and the measuring tape for an accurate fit.

Inseam: Measure from the top of your inner thigh down to the bottom of your ankle.

I recommend these Jeans for Big People.

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