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Jogging vs Running


Everyone knows running is fun while at the same time it helps you to lose weight.

What if I tell you that running at a diferent level of intensity can save your life.

A heart study done in Denmark spanning 12-years following over 5000 people yielded interesting results.

Health was tracked between 2 groups, non-joggers & joggers.

The jogger participants were categorized having slow, moderate, or strenuous pace.

It was noted joggers of mild and moderate intensity had a lower risk of death than the strenuous joggers.

The study lean towards the correlation of diminishing returns when running further in the upper limit intensity, after which its benefits fall off, the benefits gained is less than the amount of effort invested.

When performed for decades, running at a strenuous pace could pose health risks, especially to the cardiovascular system.

It is thought putting yourself at additional stress put stress on the cardiovascular system.

While strenuous jogging has merit to a certain extent, do opt for a leisurely jog rather than an all-out run.

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