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Lean Bulking vs Dirty Bulking


If I had to start my bodybuilding journey all over again, I would do lean bulking rather than dirty bulking.

The latter from all food consumed made me into a real fat ass, my waistline was large and I’m always out of breath.

Try lean bulking for it has the following benefits:

  • Insulin sensitivity (IS) increases
  • IS goes up, easier to put on muscle, nutrition shuttle into your body more efficiently
  • You recover faster compared to dirty bulk as their IS drops
  • Keep your food intake at 110% of your TDEE
  • I recommend around 200-400 calories surplus
  • For clean bulk never go above 500 calories of your surplus
  • Note, your TDEE changes over time, so keep track & make necessary changes to your macros calculation
  • You save $ money as lesser food consumed
  • There will still be some fat gained even with clean bulking, you’ve to accept it, as it’s part of growing

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