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Why Gym Newbies Should Opt For Lean Bulking, And Not Dirty Bulking


The “dirty bulking” approach is especially meant for hard gainers. You will usually hear this as a piece of bro-science. If you are a hard gainer, gym fellows will constantly tell you that you should simply eat as much as you can – it doesn’t matter what. As long as there are enough calories, you will eventually bulk up. The truth is, you can’t achieve much if you’re loading yourself with pizza and ice-cream. Unfortunately, many gym newbies go with this advice, desperate to see gains as quickly as possible.

It sounds too good to be true… and it isn’t true. Just look around and you will see countless people trying to gain weight and muscle volume by eating randomly, as much as they can. It still doesn’t work for them. Those who offer this piece of advice ignore that picking the right foods actually matters, no matter how you look and how far along the road you’ve come.

The adverse effects of dirty bulking

Dirty bulking will indeed produce lean muscle when you train hard, but all that muscle will be buried underneath some probably major amounts of fat. The issues will arise as you start cutting and preparing for competitions and shows. You will have to burn all that fat and you will be tempted to use harmful methods to do so, like severely dehydrating yourself. This can ruin your health in no time.

In fact, eating too much random food may get to ruin your body for the long term. Here is what happens when you eat absolutely anything and especially junk food:

• You’re probably not getting enough vitamins, minerals or good quality protein to pump up those muscles.

• As you train hard, your body desperately needs loads of these substances to repair itself and build stronger, bigger muscles.

• Moreover, a poor diet gets to deplete the minerals and vitamins in your system, sometimes taking these out of organ tissues, muscles and bones. Do you want that to happen?

It makes no sense to sacrifice so much in hope that you will have gains. For bigger muscles you will have to pay attention and get your macros from your meals (protein, carbohydrates, fat), plus all the minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that you need. Your body will experience a higher level of stress so don’t load it with junk food, which drains it and slows it down. You’re only doing yourself a disservice this way.

You can focus on lean bulking

If you’re lifting weights, your goal isn’t to look fat. It’s to show some shredded muscle. You absolutely need a smart eating plan for this, which is actually as important as your gym training is. Eat every few hours if you have to, even when you’re not hungry. Supplement with high-calorie shakes because those are easy to have and will help you out tremendously. You may introduce protein powders to your diet, too. These are well known weight gainers.

You cannot trick your body or muscles. These will always need good quality nourishment in order to thrive.

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