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Lean Vs Dirty Bulking


You are already aware how colossally important it is to maintain a caloric surplus when your end goal is to put on lean muscle. Without meeting the immediate nutrient needs your body calls for, you will not be putting on any new mass. To this end, there have been two kinds of gaining plans that have been crafted- lean and dirty bulking.

Dirty bulking is characterized by the intake of basically all types of foods. Things such as macros, complex carbohydrates and overall healthy diet plans are thrown out the window. A bodybuilder doing a dirty bulk basically eats anything they can get access to. It is advocated for by hardgainers, as it encourages maximum mass gain.

Clean bulking, on the other hand, is where food intake is limited to healthy choices such as whole grains, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. As these kinds of foods have fewer calories, a bodybuilder doing a clean or lean bulk will have to take in more food quantities, more frequently to meet their daily needs.

The Problem with Dirty Bulking

While dirty bulking is the path of least resistance, it does have its own array of shortcomings.

The first is that you put on fat. Sure, there is a fat loss period that succeeds a dirty bulk, but you cannot efficiently get rid of the new fat cells that your body synthesizes.

That bulking season can be very overwhelming. The constant trips to the grocery store and the increased frequency of meal preparation times can be daunting. Without the right mental fortresses to stick through your plan, you can slip and result to taking up whatever’s most easily accessible. After all, the goal is to gain as many calories as possible, is it not?

Cutting also gets increasingly harder following every seasonal swell. As you continue putting on more mass, the pounds of fat that you gain also increase, making it harder to lose it every season. In addition, during the cutting phase, the risk of losing muscle mass as well is very high, given the caloric deficit that you have to subject yourself to.

Endorse Lean Bulking

Lean bulking is more ideal. It compels you to stick to the right kind of nutrition plan, without unsaturated fats and other unhealthy options. Your gains will mostly be lean muscle, so your overall look will remain aesthetic.

You will have less fat to lose at the end of the season too, and can do so within a few weeks, instead of months.

Lean bulking doesn’t interfere with your body’s ability to produce and utilize insulin. This hormone is critical in balancing out your blood sugar. When your diet is characterized by increased fat and simple carbohydrate intake, as is the case with the dirty bulk, you can develop insulin insensitivity.

Many studies that been conducted and they all endorse clean bulking. A gain of 1.5-1lb a week can be achieved with this method.

Eschew all those believes you have about dirty bulking and embrace lean bulking as it is more ideal.

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