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Lean vs Shredded Body – Which is healthier


To many, who are new to fitness, this might be a very confusing question. It is about the muscle definition level. Here is what we mean by lean vs. shredded: lean is simply one who has lost fat weight, without a focus on well-defined musculature (no ripped look). Shredded is a term associated with bodybuilders – it’s the very muscular look, often vascular too, where you can easily see the distinct muscles. A shredded person is lean, but a lean body isn’t necessarily shredded. Now, you hopefully understand.

Which one looks better?

If you think only shredded looks good, you’ll be surprised that most people just seem to want to be lean. It’s because that looks amazing, too. It does involve a certain amount of muscle so don’t expect lean to mean skinny. Shredded or ‘dry’ means going for the lowest amount of body fat and extreme muscle definition, but that comes with great effort. For looks alone, most guys go for a mix of lean and shredded.

The health benefits of being lean vs. shredded

Apart from improving countless medical parameters, being lean also has mental benefits, it improves your mood and how you feel about yourself. That can happen within a short time. Plus, you’re not carrying so much fat around and thus there is no big pressure on your internal organs. On the other hand, being ripped does not come with any particular health benefits. Actually, it can be risky or even totally detrimental to health if you don’t know what you’re doing if you push yourself too hard or you take the wrong supplements. It is imperative to be lean if you want to be healthy, but there is no requirement for muscle definition.


For health benefits, losing excess fat is a must. Being shredded is for bodybuilders who aim to compete. Usually, getting lean is all you need to fix your self-esteem and your life along with it. Getting lean is easy on the joints and does not require you to supplement and do all those extra that bodybuilders do. Besides its great effect on self-confidence, it comes far easier and can be achieved at any age. In any case, know that you will have two enormously different lifestyles and training routines. Also, don’t forget that your results will depend on how your body responds to weight lifting or, respectively, fat loss.

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