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Leangains Intermittent Fasting For Bodybuilders


Fasting and bodybuilding are two words that do not belong in the same sentence. Bodybuilding advocates for more regular eating, so how can fasting ever be part of that? As implausible as this connection seems, it exists, and you should consider jumping onboard.

Generally speaking, intermittent fasting is thought to be good for general health. As scientific research and has demonstrated, abstaining from food for a small period of time improves insulin sensitivity, helps with stress resistance, increases life span and helps with weight loss.

Carving out an ideal feeding and fasting schedule is a tricky thing. There are so many guides on fasting, but none appeal to the bodybuilding as well as Leangains does. This intermittent fasting diet is designed for the weight lifter as it helps promote fat loss and muscle gain at the same time.

Leangains is very adaptable as it has four protocols, depending on what would work best for you. Martin Berkhan, the conceiver of the diet plan, advocates for fasting throughout the night and the early parts of the morning. This implies that the feeding time is reserved for afternoon and evenings with one large meal featuring.

The protocols of Leangains

Fasted Training
In this case, you train on an empty stomach after taking some protein ideally something rich in amino acids like a BCAA supplement. Training on a completely empty stomach is counterproductive, and taking protein beforehand stimulates protein synthesis. An example:

  • 11.30Am – Preworkout protein- such as 10g BCAA
  • 12-1pm – Training
  • 1pm – Large preworkout meal
  • 4pm – second meal
  • 9pm – Last Meal before the fast

Early Morning Fasted Training

This setup requires early morning training to make way for a noontime feeding phase.

  • 5.45am – Preworkout protein- 10g BCAAs
  • 6-7am – Training
  • 8am – Post-workout shake- 10gBCAAs
  • 10am – 10g BCAAs
  • 12-1pm – Large Preworkout meal
  • 8-9pm – Last Meal before the fast

One preworkout Meal

For those with flexible working hours, this is the ideal setup to follow

  • 12-1pm – Preworkout meal that accounts for 20-25% of daily calorie intake
  • 3-4pm – Training
  • 4-5pm – Large Postworkout meal
  • 8-9 – Last Meal before the fast

Two-preworkout meals

For those with the conventional working hours, this protocol works best:

  • 12-1pm – First meal that has 20-25% of the daily calorie intake
  • 4-5pm – Preworkout Meal
  • 6-7 – Training
  • 8-9 – Large Postworkout meal before the fast

You need to take the time to plan out your foods (macros especially) to ensure your chosen protocol works for you without being deficient in any way.

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