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Lee Priest Vs Flex Lewis


Olympia 212 division has an unquestionable king. Flex Lewis has continually brought an enviable physique on stage, and its unsurprising that the victory always ends up to be his. At this year’s Olympia, it was a story of Flex Lewis vs. everyone else. In the end, no one came in conditioned better than he was. As always, any new-school bodybuilder must get matched up against an old school bodybuilder. In this case, Lee Priest is the ideal candidate to offer some competition.

Colorful Career

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Andrew Lee Priest McCutcheon has enjoyed quite an illustrious career on stage. Since his first win as Mr. Australia back in 1989, he has clinched quite an array of awards. Though he has retired from most competitions, he is still quite active in bodybuilding. Can he upstage Flex Lewis if he was allowed to compete in the 212 division?

There is no one short unbiased answer. On the one hand, Priest is already past his prime, despite wielding an awesome physique. He still brings enough quality to outshine his competition when he steps up on stage. Having endured in the bodybuilding scene from the 90’s its hard not to hold a lot of respect for him.

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Flex Lewis represents the present. His physique is just phenomenal. If lined up against Priest, he would have an advantage, but not an immediately obvious one. Lee Priest would probably outshine him from the front. But from behind, Flex has the advantage. His back is finely detailed, and would best that of Lewis.

Lining up these two great athletes is not a fair fight. Priest represents the ideals that were held in the 90s. Flex on the other hand, represents the modern standards. Many bodybuilders concur that the physiques of old school bodybuilders were infinitely better than what we presently have. Basing our argument on aesthetics, Lee would have the advantage. Despite his short stature, he was, and is able to bring a very full physique with just the right amounts of muscle thickness. He also looks somewhat bigger than Flex.

It’s hard to pick out a winner without being subjective. Flex obviously has some winning qualities, given his current accomplishments, so his physique cannot be dismissed. But in the end, Priest would easily win the bigger crowd. He has built his legend, while Flex is just getting started on his. In addition with his continued participation in bodybuilding, Priest has that ‘pro-quality’ that Flex quite doesn’t have yet.

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