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Myth or Fact – Lifting Weights Reduce Breast Size


Hardly any woman out there wants to lose breast size when working out to be fit. The concern is legitimate though – you’re exercising to build lean muscle and melt away the fat… and breasts are made of fat, therefore will they be gone too? There is no easy answer to this question.

Weight training and breast size

Shortly out, weight training should not reduce the size of one’s breasts. When you lift, you also have to improve your diet and give your body plenty of nutrients to work with, especially protein. Basically, you’re putting on mass. This stage shouldn’t be affecting your chest negatively. With the cutting time (reducing bodily fat so you can look dry or shredded) it may be a whole different story.

Your breasts are one of the last bodily areas to lose weight. This normally happens only when you are starving. However, starvation and weight lifting can never go hand in hand, so you’re safe. When you reach the cutting stage, you should simply avoid carbs and anything that makes you retain water. If you do this wisely, there shouldn’t be a reason to lose breast fat.

Many women have been very pleased with the aspect of their chest when lifting. This is because the muscles are tight and toned, especially the pecs (pectoralis muscles), which are underneath the breasts. Toned pecs can actually make breasts look much bigger. This is also known to solve the saggy breasts issue in many cases, as it gives the tissue a good lift.

To successfully augment your chest muscles, you have to follow the same rules as with other muscles groups in your body. Don’t push yourself too hard that you become exhausted and allow plenty of time for proper rest. If you’re at the gym too often and there is no recovery time, then the muscles won’t grow. Instead, your system will be overworked, tired and unable to cope. In this case, it may get to use up its fat deposits – such as the breasts.

The role of testosterone in breast size

The hormone testosterone may also play a role in the size of a woman’s chest. Testosterone is what helps men put on much more muscle within a shorter time than a woman ever could. Supplementing it is no good idea at all, since it will always have unwanted effects, like hirsutism (excessive hair growth in areas women normally don’t have hair). Female athletes are often tempted by pharmaceutical solution for bigger muscles and some choose to go for it, but that can jeopardize one’s health. It’s these who often have spectacular lean mass but lack breast volume.

A woman’s chest size stays the same throughout her life when there is no drug intervention. Only pharmaceuticals, like steroid or hormones, can change that. Also, as mentioned before, starvation and anorexia can reduce the size.

Summing up

It’s easy to get freaked out when you see female lifters with a masculine shaped body. However, flat chested lifters with big muscles are not a result of a regular gym schedule, but of very intense training and loads of supplementation. They are dedicating all their resources to competing.

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