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Benefits of Liquid Egg Whites Vs Dried Egg Whites


There’s much more to talk about egg whites than you would imagine! Whether you’ve already tried these in liquid form or you are completely new to it, you should keep reading. Are you afraid it’s only bro science and it’s just a trend that will fade? Experience and research show otherwise.

Amazing benefits of liquid eggs

Liquid eggs come with a whole series of benefits, and some of those are:

  • They help you have a protein loaded diet without extra carbohydrates.
  • As they come pasteurized in packages, you shouldn’t worry about salmonella and other bacteria and just use them in shakes, as they are.
  • They’re good for drinks, as they are in any recipe calling for fresh egg whites.
  • They’re convenient to use, since they come in large packages so you can have many at once.

Powdered eggs are good too with their easy-to-use features

For the powder, the price is lower and that would be the first noticeable benefit. Another benefit, perhaps even greater than this one, is that the eggs are not so perishable in this form; they can be kept for a lot longer. Thus, it becomes a highly convenient alternative. Dried and powdered eggs will be there for you to use whenever and won’t even require refrigeration. There is no mess and no wasted time with these.

Liquid or dried? Which one is better?

However, we all know that eating fresh is the best way to go, especially when such large quantities of food are involved, in order to build lean muscle. This is why most people tend to go for the liquid version such as Albu-Man liquid egg white, unless they are in a situation that requires dried/powdered ingredients. One such situation would be camping or a lack of storage means.

There is another aspect to take into account when choosing powdered eggs. The producers add emulsifiers and other substances to make the whole powdered eggs behave and feel just like original ones when cooked. If you go for the dried egg whites only, then these don’t need anything but a bit of water when you want to prepare something. They will be very close to the gel aspect and properties that we know. The taste is just like you expect it – a bit milky. The whites are dehydrated or dried using hot air, without the need of grinding. There are several processing methods and each company chooses its own.

Now which option would be best to choose? There is no perfectly good or perfectly bad one, at least not for every circumstance. Both versions can be used in recipes just like normal, whole eggs. Just don’t expect to benefit of the nutrition ensured by yolks. Both can be mixed with other ingredients. However, what’s most important is to understand the importance of fresh clean food because nothing matches it. Any form of processing and preservation will interfere with the nutrition factor and influence the quality of the food.

Besides this, remember: you can still use whole eggs as long as the yolks are providing you with the needed macros and you don’t go overboard with these.

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