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Loading Week


I only managed to record 2 exercises for the week. I’ll try to video a complete workout the next time.

First one is me here setting up my deadlift for my Lats day. Loading week means going heavy, a 5×5 type of program.

If you notice I placed a blue mat on the platform, as I was deadlifting during lunch time and I don’t want to make too much of a noise.

The second exercise was decline bench press on chest day.

For me I try to do more compound exercises during loading week, compared to hypertrophy week where there’s lots more of isolation exercises and machines involved.

For the decline bench press, I prefer it to be slow on the eccentric, and exploding on the way up. I always chart my progress, trying to lift slightly more every week in terms of weight or reps.

Don’t forget your deload week if your CNS are fried.

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