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Lose belly fat with these 4 evidence-based methods


Losing body fat can be easier said than done, especially the stubborn belly fat. It not just looks bad overall but can be a cause of concern as it can be a sign of a serious health disorder, such as diabetes (type 2) or heart disease.

However, it’s not a matter fretting over but instead something for which action can be taken by following certain tested and science-based ways to lose the belly fat.

Four evidence-based methods to lose belly fat

Avoid sugar and any sweetened drinks

Any form of added sugar is harmful for the body and has drastic effects on the metabolic health of the body. When the body consumes added sugar (extra), the fructose from the sugar overloads the liver and the liver is thus forced to turn this excess sugar into body fat. Studies reveal that the large amount of fructose due to excess sugar leads to accumulation of increased amounts of fat in the belly and fat. This can further lead to resistance of insulin and other metabolic disorders. Liquid sugar is even worse as it equates to just consuming liquid calories that adds to body fat. Thus, refined sugar must be eliminated from the diet to a greater extent and sugar drinks are a complete no-no.

Include foods that are rich in fiber

Many studies and experts insist on including dietary fiber into the daily food and this fiber is nothing but indigestible plant matter. Fiber has been found to help lose weight, but it must be kept in mind that this is mostly true for viscous fiber that is soluble. This type of fiber binds with water in the gut and forms a gel that sits in the gut and reduces the appetite, by making one feel full. The best sources of fiber are legumes, cereals, such as whole oats, fruits and vegetables.

Include proteins and cut the carb

This advice must be heard several times but it is science backed and effective. Including proteins and cutting down on carbs are effective ways in losing belly fat. Common protein sources include fish, whole eggs, seafood, nuts, legumes, dairy products and meat.


This is a sure shot way to lose belly fat which is definitely science and expert backed. The exercise must not be just targeted to the abdomen but must be all-around, such as aerobic exercises like running, walking, and swimming. In fact, exercise is important for weight maintenance as well as post the weight loss.

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