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Lose Fat Using a Watt Bike


Watt Bike is a fitness machine for fat burning that’s been tested by some of the world’s top athletes and fitness coaches. While it may look like a stationary bike, but it is much more than that.

Watt Bike – Excellent fitness equipment

This is fitness equipment at its best – it caters to many needs athletes have. A Watt Bike can help a pro reach top performance levels through high intensity training. From Crossfit to Formula 1 and from bodybuilding to football, all athletes are now well acquainted to this device.

Thus, you may conclude this is rather something for those who wish to have speed and strength, but how about one’s fat loss goals? Through the cardio training it ensures, it can have quite an impact on your metabolism and fat management. It’s not a cardio machine per se, but it can be used as such. It’s even good for short workouts.

You may want to have a look at what the experts say about the Watt Bike Weight Management Training Plan. They are actually the ones to promote this machine better than the manufacturer does. This is because they consider it to be one of the most efficient ways to burn fat. Of course, to obtain great results you must become familiar with the best ways to use the device and all the details, tips and tricks that come with it.

Using a Watt Bike for fat loss

Here are a few tips for the fat loss goal:

  • Aim to have 20-second sprint intervals, then allow 40 seconds resting time.
  • Repeat this for 20 minutes.
  • Don’t go overboard, just use the normal power/speed you would use on a bike. As this increases your metabolism, it stays like that for some time. This is known as the afterburn. While this lasts, your body is burning up fat.

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Because it has some unique features, the Watt Bike feels just like riding a real bike. It is the best you can get indoors, the closest to the real experience. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what your fitness goals are or what sports you are focused on. This is a tool that is meant for everyone. If you are concerned with measurements and with having control over your training, don’t worry. The Watt Bike monitors your heart rate and you can track your progress easily. It is actually a very accurate tracking system.

A Watt Bike and its role in muscle building


The Watt Bike isn’t something new. It’s been around 2008 and since then many gyms have acquired theirs. It is meant for universal use. Champions love it because it yields amazing results. If you are going for muscle volume, know that you will not be using it. The Watt bike is safe when cutting. It gets you a great cardio workout without making you lose muscle. This could be better for you than dieting.

Last but not least, this bike can lead to a spike in Human Growth Hormone levels, which is a good thing when pumping your muscles. These levels can be even 400% higher than normally after one session. This intensifies the calorie burn.

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