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Do you know that losing a lot of weight in a fairly limited amount of time leaves behind some loose and unappealing skin? Most people think that it’s only through surgery that they can fix this. However, any skin that’s hanging around consequent to your successful slimming methods can have a different, less radical remedy.

Skin tightening

Did you know that skin can be tightened? It isn’t through one tactic alone, but through a combination of methods. Skin is an elastic organ that takes the needed shape. As we grow and get fat or muscular, it adapts to suit each size. Right after weight loss, although the skin still has its elasticity, it cannot readjust too quickly. It usually takes two years, but you can speed it up.

Ways to tighten skin

Slow down your slimming process – First of all, you need to temper down your diet and other weight loss efforts. You may actually harm yourself in the process, if weight loss is too fast and too drastic; then, you’ll see your skin sagging and it will feel even worse. Therefore, make sure you’re slimming gradually, at a slower pace. It’s OK to just lose 1 or 2 pounds of fat per week.

Drink enough water – In an attempt to lower your body volume, you will probably try to drink less water, which is bad for you and your skin! Drink more of it to stay well hydrated. This is what keeps the skin elastic and ready to adapt.

Feed your body with healthy fats and protein – Do not eliminate healthy fats and proteins from your diet. There are many sources of protein and many can allow you to lose weight, at the same time ensuring the nutrition your body needs. Exercise vigorously and have a good protein meal after each workout for optimal absorption.

Use solutions – Along with the aforementioned protocols, you should use topical solutions as well – for example tightening creams. These must contain hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, C and E, soy protein and collagen. Massage and exfoliation are useful techniques which improve the blood circulation at skin level.

Exercise and skin tightening

Can you tighten skin with exercise? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Still, it works in a highly beneficial way to make your skin appear more stretched. If you exercise hard and regularly, thus getting to build muscular mass, you can create more (desirable) volume and look better in many more ways.

In conclusion

Ultimately, your age will play a role in how well your skin recovers after weight loss. The older the skin, the more difficult it becomes to readjust. Also, the amount of time spent as a heavier person matters. The longer you stayed like that, the harder it gets to make your skin look normal again. If time hasn’t been your friend in either way, then perhaps you should consider surgery.

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