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Low Volume Training


For the past months, my weight during my bulking stage has been stagnant.

It will fluctuate within 1-2kg, and it got me worried.

Have I reached my plateau?

Then I turned to Youtube and listening to Boston Loyd preaching how he changed to low volume training made a difference in his physique.

I was actually quite skeptical as I believe in training until I’m spent in the gym.

But after 2 weeks of training using low volume, I finally see positive changes.

It’s usually 1-2 warmup sets, and 2 working sets per exercise. That’s it.

I do compound movement mostly and the total exercises I do is 5 and below.

By doing so my weight has slowly and steadily been going up!


I’m ecstatic.

Of course I couple that low volume training with really heavy weights.

I followed advise by another Youtube fitness guru, Jason Blaha.

I kept my reps below 8, ideally I’m trying to lift between 4-7 reps.

So basically, for me to bulk which works effectively:

    1. Eat plenty.

    2. Lift heavy.

    3. Low volume training, 5 and below compound exercises per gym session.

    4. 4-7 reps per exercise.

The thing is I was doing too many exercises previously up to 8-9.

So I’m always spent, tired and my caloric intake just doesn’t match up to what the energy expenditure in the gym.

The caloric intake just levels out my caloric outake which puts me in a weight plateau dilemma.

For gains, it’s to stimulate, not annihilate.

Such a simple thing I missed which perplexed me for months and time wasted.

Oh well, lesson learned.

Bodybuilding is a trial and error, I love the process/journey.

Your fitness pal



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