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Maltitol, Is It A Good Sugar Substitute For Dieting


If you are on a low calorie diet, you must have come across maltitol at least several times when reading product labels. This sugar substitute is processed from sugar maltose and its taste isn’t much different. It is indeed in the range of artificial sweeteners, so that may be a warning sign to you from the start.

About Maltitol

Maltitol can come in small or large quantities, depending on the food you’re eating. This has about the same sweetness as sugar, so producers will be using just as much. It does have carbs in it, but the body will absorb fewer calories from it, which is what makes it good in dieting. Maltitol is one of the commonly used sugar alcohols.

‘Good’ is, however, said only from that point of view. When it comes to its side effect, it can’t be said that maltitol is such a great choice. Because it is a laxative, it can cause diarrhea or at least change your bowel movements. Diarrhea occurs if an adult consumes more than 60 grams of maltitol per day. Some people also happen to get abdominal pain, even with lower doses. Besides, they experience gas and flatulence quite frequently.

Another issue is with the so-called sugar-free foods which actually contain maltitol. People feel tempted to eat a lot more of these since they don’t fear the bad effects of sugar. Still, they’re ingesting plenty of calories and they’re not counting that. It’s still like eating sugar – only less of it. At the same time, it impacts the blood sugar levels, though not as fast as sugar. Diabetic people therefore may not find it as helpful as they expected it to be, but they can still rely on it up to a certain point. The glycemic index is set at 52, with sugar scoring 60. Not much of a difference here!

In any case, even when you don’t get any of the side effects mentioned here, you may see that your diet is failing. This is because maltitol can still impact you one way or another. It will not trigger any significant positive changes because it is similar to sugar in so many ways. It may benefit of some good marketing, but you must remember what maltitol actually is. Besides, in the end no one would like to load their bodies with this kind of substance. Your body may have a hard time adapting to artificial sweeteners. This has been observed on a frequent basis.

Many people make the mistake of loading on artificially sweetened foods, believing that this is somehow permitted since there is none of that bad sugar in them. Some people are simply excited about the fact that maltitol cannot be digested by the bacteria inside the mouth and thus there will be no cavities. This is yet another false hope. Last but not least, maltitol sweetened foods also contain other ingredients that may ruin your dieting efforts.

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