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The Right Way to Meet Someone at the Gym


Gym friends can be great motivators so it’s great to have them – or perhaps someone has already caught your eye and you don’t know how to get their attention. The gym has a set of generally valid rules, whether you’re looking for friendship or for a romantic relationship. The main piece of advice is to pay attention to the timing.

Making friendship at a gym

What can be done?

The first simple way to look for gym friends is to ask online, preferably before you get yourself a membership. This usually works when you don’t want to exercise alone and you need socializing/staying motivated.

At the gym, the easiest way is to simply ask for help when trying out a particular exercise or certain fitness equipment. Remember, always approach when someone is not busy. However, if they’re wearing headphones or earbuds, you may want to wait. Usually, people wearing those are not willing to start a conversation. It’s often a “leave me alone” sign. They may not like you if you force them to take out their earbuds to listen to you.

Another almost guaranteed method is to ask if they can partner up with you for a specific workout. The goal is to learn how to do an exercise correctly and to start a friendship. Some exercises actually require a partner – for example someone who can hold your ankles together as you perform crunches. Most people will be eager to help you out. Be careful though: this may not work if you’re asking someone who’s membership is as new as yours.

Complimenting is yet another method that can yield positive results, as long as you’re doing it right. When complimenting fellow gym goers, regardless of your intentions, mention their athletic abilities, commitment or performance. Don’t invent but stay realistic – otherwise people will sense you’re being fake and may distrust you. Talk about their workout gear, it’s a safe form of conversation that can spark a friendship. You may want to find out where they got their gym attire from.

Never do the following:

  • Don’t interrupt anyone’s workout.
  • Don’t criticize what others are doing or how they are looking (unless you want an enemy instead of a friend).
  • Don’t give advice that was never requested, no matter how constructive.
  • Avoid complimenting someone’s physique or stamina excessively.
  • Don’t make sexual remarks.
  • Don’t brag or show off to anyone.
  • Don’t grunt heavily or make other loud noises when you lift.

Summing up

In general, women at the gym aren’t too friendly or flirty. This is because they consider they don’t look at their best. After all, they are sweating in sports clothes, their hair is tied at the back and their faces red. They feel at their best when their hair is down, they smell fresh, the visage doesn’t shine with sweat or redness, the makeup is on point and they wear flattering clothes, usually with high heels. Quite the difference! This doesn’t mean you should avoid talking to women. If you like someone, chat her up and maybe one day you will have the chance to meet outside of the gym.

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